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Friday, March 2, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Free Content?

Well What was originally promised to be 20 Elite drops of content over 9 months is now 22. When Call of Duty Elite was officially announced, the team behind Modern Warfare 3 committed to release 20 content drops over the game’s supposed life cycle until the next Call of Duty release which is black ops two.

Maybe new guns will be coming to the DLC content drops as well! Possibly a new gun, or several! There are also rumors of CoD4 Maps coming to CoDMW3. On a personal note, I think DLC is a huge scam. Let's do the math.

Game = $60
First DLC = $20
Second - Sixth = $100

You're paying 180 Dollars per game if you buy every DLC!

This is the Xbox Schedule for Content Drops : 

  • January: Pizza and Liberation
  • February: Overwatch
  • March: Black Box (Map), Black Ice (Mission), and Negotiator (Mission)
  • April: 2 Maps
  • May: 1 Map, 1 Mission, 2 Classified
  • June: 1 Map, 1 Mission, 1 Classified
  • July: 2 Maps
  • August: 1 Map, 1 Mission, 1 Classified
  • September: 1 Map, 1 Mission

    More to come, stay tuned.