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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A game that has been long forgotten...

Hey guys, duck again, and im going to talk about a game that has been long forgotten (will be made into a new page.) Battalion wars!
I for one, have LOVED these games, they were so fun to play as a kid for the gamecube, and now on the wii! (Battalion wars 2.)
First off, i will talk about the factions in the game, which are pretty humorous at that :

Western Frontier : These guys represent the united states. Armed with there h-16s, these soldiers are most patriotic to their country!

Tundran Territories : These guys represent the soviet union, wearing heavy red winter jackets, and the widely used KA-47s these guys pack a punch in the snow!

Solar Empire : These guys represent a sort of futuristic Japan. Armed with an all plasma based weapon system, these guys kick butt! (Some say the gun looks like a halo assault rifle!)

Anglo Isles : These guys represent a world war era England. Dressed in afican brigade clothing. (Tommy boy helmets tan shorts ect.) They carry the Rensfield 44 Assault rifle and can really pack a punch for good ol' great Anglo!

Xlvaniya : These are the first bad guys in the game, they represent nazi germany, which is ironic, considering how all their units are dressed in nazi uniforms, and are portrayed as demons (eyes and faces) throughout the series. They all have Z.Z. on their helmets, an obvious reference to the nazi S.S. brigade.

And finally, we are going to end our factions with...
Iron Legion : These people are like a pre-Xlvaniya, even more demon like. They almost took over the world, until the solar empire destroyed them! Or took over for themselves...

This is a great game 5/5. Defiantly should buy it!
 bye - duck.


  1. Battalion wars, i dont knowa what game are.

  2. never even knew that game existed lol

  3. OH GOD, Batttalion wars! the best!

  4. Sounds really, good. Nice review, man.

  5. Not one of these games sound familiar...

  6. It would be so much better if you at least include some pictures of the games you play :D but that's just my opinion.

  7. never play these games

  8. Haha, I remember playing them :)
    Feels good when you remember on something this awesome :)

  9. never heard of it but may check it out